Impact of Drugs Among Teens

Narcotics are drugs that act on the central nervous system and is used as analgesics (pain reducer) on the medical world. Drugs commonly referred to as the psychotropic drugs that have a major effect on mental activity and behavior, and is used for psychiatric disorders therapy. The drug users are usually people who are psychologically troubled (depression and severe stress). Most of them are teenagers who are not able to identify himself and was not able to recognize their own emotions.

As a psychiatrist, so someone using narcotics and illegal drugs then he will get his nervous system disorders. Besides, when someone began trying drugs means she was entered into a circle that will plunge himself. At some point, the body will be asked to give the drugs back with more doses. If sipemakai not have the money, he will commit a crime to meet the needs of the body to drugs or she will be pengedarnya.

Most causes of these deaths were rupture of blood vessels in the heart and brain, failure of kidney function to remove narcotics substances from the body, failure of liver and pancreas function, and the failure of brain function controls the functions of other bodies. Might be expected, it will give the side effects are dangerous. As a result of death there in front of the eye. According to the latest survey, substance abuse is the number one killer of teenagers and people of productive age terglong, far above any existing disease in this world. For that, we are young children and adolescents be careful in choosing our interactions within the environment.


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