Perbaikan Tulisan Bhs Inggris

Unique Personality

I was a creature that was created and similar segambar with God. I was born into a modest family filled with happiness. I was born female is on Saturday dated 01 April 1989 at 12:00 o’clock Yadika Hospital Jakarta. My parents gave me the name of Esther Avrilia Rulyanti. Since childhood, my parents called me with the name Lily. I was the first child of two besaudara. My brother called Banyamin Sahat. I live disebuah house address at Jalan Raya No.17 Rt.012 Break / Rw.05 Pondok Bambu, East Jakarta
My parents raise and treat us with love. My father named Rudy Haryanto Pangaribuan and mother named Lucia Yulianti. My eyes are narrow and white color of my skin that makes people think that I am a Chinese. But I was the Batak and Javanese. My religion is Protestant Christianity. Thank God I went through the education starting from kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school and until now I go through college education. I was in college at one private university which Gunadarma University. S1 I majored in accounting.
In any environment and easy I’m glad to be friends. In me friends, I do not like picking out a friend. My hobbies are swimming, playing basketball and the streets. My ambition is to become a successful person and can make my parents proud of me. I do not like being lied to by anyone. In Keseharianku, I was the one who always rejoiced even though I was there was a problem but I do not want to limit any keceriaanku with I’m facing. My friends are happy friends with me, I karna who rarely angry. My friends say I’m tomboyish behavior karma me like a man. In my life I have a vision for the life I live the future. I’m also someone who is easy to forgive the wrongs that have been guilty as me and forget all the mistakes she had done.


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